What are the additional and on-going costs of a website?

Asking the question ‘How much does a website cost?’ is a lot like asking how long is a piece of string? In short,there is no specific answer to the question as it depends entirely on what the client’s wishes and needs are.

Before we look at the cost to design and build a website, I’m going to go through the other costs that need to be taken into account.  

Domain Name (Web Address)

The domain is the web address e.g. www.pixelperfectwebdesign.co.ukand in order to be able to use a web address it needs to be registered with a domain registration company.  Your web designer/developer should be able to provide this service or recommend a company that does this. The average cost of a domain name is between £3 and £10 per year, however, to get the perfect domain you could spend a lot more.  Currently the most expensive domain name is carinsurance.com for $49.7 million. 


Web Hosting

In order to display your website on the internet, you need it to be hosted on a web server. Your domain name will point to the web server so that when a visitor types in your web address or clicks a link to it, they are then taken to your files on the web server. A web hosting company will have lots of options and the best package will depend on the type of website you have and the resources that are needed both for hosting the files and the amount of traffic the site will get. A web host should also provide email hosting which is what allows you to set up an email address with your domain e.g. vince@pixelperfectwebdesign.co.uk. I always recommend SiteGroundfor web hosting as they provide a lot of features, good quality servers with excellent uptime and the technical support is first class. Prices with SiteGroundrange between £2.95 and £8.95 per month for hosting on a shared server.  If you need lots of resources you can opt for cloud servers or private servers where your site is the only one served on that server, however, the cost of these can be hundreds of pounds per month.

Website Content

Although content creation is needed when a website is being launched, it can also be an ongoing cost, especially if the website is a blog or needs new pages being generated on a regular basis. Content can be text, images, audio, video and animations and the cost of each of these is different. 

  • Copywriting – Depending on the style and purpose of the text being written the cost varies. Copywriters sometimes charge per article/page, hour, or day. The average for a 1000-word blog post is £80 from a freelance copywriter.
  • Images – Images licensed form a stock photography site range from £3 to £50 depending on the style of image and the intended use, however, if you’re looking for a photographer to capture images for your sole use the cost can be anything from £100 per image.
  • Video – Short videos can be purchased from stock sites and start from £70 per video, however, there is no average for custom video production as studios charge per project.
  • Animations – Similar to video, the cost of animations can be expensive and there is no average cost because every animation is different.

Website Maintenance & Updates

Ongoing website maintenance average cost can range from £20pm to £100pm and largely depends on the number of updates needed and the time it takes. An alternative is to pay by the hour especially if updates are not required every month.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is one of the most expensive ongoing costs for a website and can range from £100 – £500 per month for a small to medium sized business.  If, however, your website and business is in a very competitive market the cost of SEO work can be anything from £1000 to £6000 per month. Like website update and maintenance costs it can sometimes be more cost effective to pay by the hour after initial SEO work has been completed.

Web design costs can be expensive. Look out for my next post about the one-off cost to have a website designed and built. In the meantime if you would like to discuss costs or get a quote for a web project, email me hello@pixelperfectwebdesign.co.uk.

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