Web Design

We build websites that work! Yes they look pretty too, but through research and planning we ensure that our bespoke web designs convert visitors to customers.

First Impressions Count!

Your website is going to be at the centre of all your marketing, whether it is digital, print, TV or any other media.  Your marketing will drive visitors to your website, and your websites role is to convert these visitors into customers.

A study conducted found that your website has just 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression based on visual appeal.  Does your website currently give the impression you want?  A lot of new businesses start off trying to create their own site using a do-it-yourself web application such as Wix, Go Daddy, Weebly, Yola and many more.  The result is more often than not a poorly designed website that lacks the visual appeal to create the right first impression.

Our website design service is based on research and planning to produce visually appealing sites that convert visitors into customers. 

Design Process

1. Discovery

At this stage we look to find out as much as we can about what you want from your website.

  • Purpose
  • Goals
  • Target Audience
2. Planning

Research is conducted on the competition and then we move onto planning your sites.

  • Sitemap & Structure
  • Wireframe
  • Usability, UI, UX
3. Design

With a thorough plan in place we begin designing the website with a mobile first approach.

  • Layout
  • Copywriting
  • Images & Videos
4. Development

During the development stage we begin creating the site.  We will use various technologies, standards and best practice.

  • Mobile First
  • Responsive
  • SEO
5. Testing

We begin to test your site with modern browsers and systems to ensure that it function as it should and any bugs are fixed.

  • Script Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • SEO Testing
6. Deployment

We now upload your site to the web, submit your site to search engines and monitor it for any bugs and ensure it is optimised for indexing.

  • Upload to web
  • Indexing
  • Monitoring

If your a startup business then the launch of your website is likely to be when you begin trading and we understand that it can be exciting and sometimes time critical.  Depending on the complexity of your project it may take a few days, or a few weeks to complete. We will always discuss timescales with you and work to meeting them, in fact we have never missed a deadline to date.

We endeavour to make sure you are completely satisfied with the design and development of your site and ask for your input at various stages of the project. We also encourage you to ask any questions you may have whenever they come up.  We will always be happy to discuss the project with you.

Our Work

A sample of some of our past and present projects.