Do You Need A Business Website?

Sometimes customers ask us at Pixel Perfect Web Design “Does my business really need a website?” The answer is yes. Every business could benefit from having a website for their customers.

Web Design benefits

Customers expect you to have a website.

Most searches for products and services are now completed online therefore if your business is not online, you miss out on being found by prospective customers. Customers research products and services before they buy and they look for a company website to help them with this.

Your competitors have a website.

Your potential customers are more likely to go to your competitors if they have a website and you don’t.  Can you afford to lose customers to the competition?

Cost Effective Advertising.

Your website is great for building your brand, advertising your products and services and is available 24/7.  Your website can showcase all the things your company does and provide information about the products you sell and your services. You can use a website to provide information and support to your customers.  A business website can advertise special promotions that you run.

Most of the website costs are the initial setup, design and development, and the ongoing costs are the hosting fees, as a result, a website is a cost-effective way of advertising. Compared to other forms of advertising a website works out to be a cost-effective way of showcasing your products and business.

We offer free hosting with Siteground for the first year for websites we create making it good value for money.

Never Closed.

Websites never need to close and can carry on generating sales even when your bricks and mortar store does close.  Consumers are able to purchase items anytime and is part of the reason that online sales are continuing to increase at more than 15% year on year.  If your business includes retail or B2B sales of products, an online store can provide an additional sales channel that is always open for business.

Why has Pixel Perfect Web Design create your business website?

Although there are various web design sites who provide do it yourself web design, they are not as effective as a bespoke site created by a professional web design company like Pixel Perfect Web Design. The limitations of doing it yourself website creators is poor SEO features and lack of flexibility in the design.

If your business does not have a website, can you afford to continue without one? Pixel Perfect Web Design can help you to get your business online. Contact Us today to find out more.

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