TDG Garden Services


TDG Garden Services is a local gardening business who contacted us for advice when setting up their business. They knew they would need a website but also required a logo, business cards and flyer.  We were able to assist them with all their needs and are pleased to see them thriving now.


The logo needed to represent what they do and we went with the idea of 2 leaves with the business name underneath. We used a font that was not too serious but still professional as they had requested.

We based the colour scheme on the gardening theme, Green and Brown.  The result is a logo that TDG Garden Services were happy with.

TDG Garden Services Website


When discussing the website with TDG Garden Services we began to understand that they were looking for a website that would require minimal maintenance but had the ability to be updated easily by themselves if they wished. We suggested WordPress as the CMS application due to its user-friendly back end and the well-documented instructions and tutorials online.

The design needed to complement the logo, and we suggested the header with the leaves at the top.  TDG Garden Services liked this.  We kept to the same Green and Brown colour scheme and produced a website theme that they were happy with.  We provided a demonstration of the working site including how to update the site using the WordPress backend.

TDG Garden Services LeafletFlyer & Business Card


TDG Garden Services asked us for a flyer for them to have printed and a business card.  We were more than happy to provide this for them and did so using the same logo and colour scheme that we had used for the website.

It was a delight to work with TDG Garden Services and pleased that they have been so successful with our help.  We hope they continue to be successful with their future business plans.


TDG Garden Services