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KS Electrical Medway contacted us to help with their website. They already owned their domain and had paid for hosting.  Another company had been working on the site but had not been contactable for some time and the site was left unpublished. Upon investigation, we found that there was a security issue with the site and it had been hacked.  There was a significant amount of malware and the hosts had disabled the site due to this. We discussed options and recommended a fresh start with a brand new website and new design.

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KS Services now provided us with their company logo and business card.  This was our starting point as we wanted to ensure that the site complemented the design of the business card. The content was limited and so it was decided to go for a single page website. We used WordPress to build the site due to its ease of use so that the customer could update it themselves in the future if they wanted too. We submitted the design to the customer and they were happy. Initially, we launched the 1-page site but have added pages detailing the services they offer and are continuing to add more. The content of all the pages has been created by us by researching the services offered to gain an understanding of what it is they do.

SEO & Digital Marketing

KS Services asked us to manage their social media marketing.  They already had a facebook page but this had not been updated for some time. During our discussions, we established that KS Services were looking to build their commercial customer base. We created a plan which included targeted Facebook ads, Google My Business page creation and regular facebook status updates.  We reviewed the content of the facebook page and edited it to include the main components of a Facebook business page.  Our ongoing work to improve the search engine ranking for KS Electrical Medway is a balance of adding more unique content and generating quality backlinks to the site.

We advised on the suitability of the domain that had been purchased and the hosting provider.  A new domain was registered and the site hosted on our own cloud platform.  There has been a significant increase in page load times and the domain also fits with the keywords targeted whilst also being more secure as they have a free SSL certificate included.

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