11 Reasons to Use WordPress For Business

Are you thinking of starting up your own blog, business or website, but aren’t sure where or how to start? It can be a very daunting process. We’re sure that you’ve heard plenty of terms and names thrown around. In fact, we have no doubt that you’ll have heard of WordPress for business. It’s the most popular content management system used globally.

11 Reasons to Use WordPress For Business

Although there are other content management systems out there, WordPress stands out from the rest. There’s a reason it is the market leader for websites; not just shopping websites, but all kinds of websites. “Wordpress for business” is a common search term, and once you’ve read the following 11 reasons to use it for yours, you’ll understand why.

1 – WordPress for business is easy to install, use, and then maintain.

Millions of people use WordPress. It is one of the most used Content Management Systems, also known as CMS. This is because it is so easy to use. Often offered hand-in-hand with hosting packages, WordPress sites can be set up with a few simple clicks. New posts, pages, or products take just moments to add or publish.

With a username and password, you are taken to an interface that is very clearly labelled and easy to work through. Many clients are astonished by how simple it is to run and maintain a WP-based website.

WP can boast of being the powering force behind just under thirty percent of all websites*, beating the likes of Drupal and Joomla.

*Source: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/wordpress-stats-facts/

2 – WordPress is free to install, use, maintain and customise.

Being “open-source”, WP is free to not just install and use WordPress for your website, but also to edit/customise to match your specifications and requirements, and then redistribute.

You can add boxes to sidebars, also known as widgets, which then open up other features, such as additional website pages, contact forms, subscription forms, and even social media details or feeds. Free themes and plugins will usually have fewer customisable options than their paid counterparts. They still offer a lot more than combined than most other content management systems.

You can use the WP dashboard for quick and easy ways to customise your site, but you can also expand your knowledge, learning about simple and then more complex coding.

The point is: using WordPress is as difficult or as simple as you would like it to be. Even down to the tweaks. If over 50,000 WP-powered websites are reportedly created every single day, it must be doing something right. (Or many things!)

3 – WordPress websites can be customised to meet your exact specifications.

It doesn’t matter whether you want a website to show off your hairdressing skills, a blog to share all of your fashionable looks, or an eCommerce store to sell your wares, WordPress can handle it with ease. Entirely customisable, versatile and flexible, it doesn’t really matter how weird and wonderful your requirements might be. WordPress will have your back.

The mainframe of your website, better known as a theme, can range from grids and boxes to lists and full blog posts. All of this will depend on what you want to show or share. You then have various other options, such as sidebars, widgets, headers, moving around of the layout, etc., to tweak it even further. That’s before you think about downloading and installing plugins and other features to suit your site’s requirements.

Everything you need to customise your site is easy to find, understand, and use.

4 – Plugins for WordPress make your site better for visitors.

You will find a plugin for virtually anything on WordPress, from boosting your traffic with more in-depth SEO functions to adding an age verification box, email subscription box, menu, or cookie widget. It is an “open-source” platform. This means that plugin developers are working tirelessly to bring you the very best and most innovative tools. At present, there are over 50,000 plugins, and it increases every day.

Plugins can be downloaded and added/installed to your site in seconds. Finding/activating/using/changing the settings on them is just as easy as publishing a brand new post or product. With everything so clearly labelled and defined, finding whatever you’re looking for (even when you don’t really know what it is you’re looking for) is a simple process and doesn’t take long.

5 – Search engines LOVE WordPress …

… And that’s before you think about plugins you can install, such as Yoast, to boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

When your SEO is “on fleek”, your site will be more likely to hit that elusive spot on the first page of search engine results. Social media marketing is taking over the marketing world, but there is still a lot to be said for organic “Google” traffic.

WordPress and Yoast together will make SEO an absolute breeze, not just incorporating good SEO practices into your website, but also enabling you to learn how the process works as you go. You are reminded to check things such as image alt tags, keywords, readability, and many other factors, all of which determine your SEO “score”.

The Yoast SEO plugin is the most downloaded WP SEO plugin, with over 40 million downloads.

Wordpress for business 2

6 – It’s not just search engines …

Do you know what all of the following things or people have in common?

MTV News
Sony Music
Microsoft News Center
Usain Bolt
Wil Wheaton
Facebook Newsroom
Time Inc.
Katy Perry
The Rolling Stones
Snoop Dogg
Market shares – stat/source
The Walt Disney Company


They are all people or companies that have used WordPress for their blog or website. In fact, the CMS is so popular, it is estimated that 20 posts are published every second, on close to 27,000,000 LIVE websites*.

Joomla is the closest competition, with just over two million live websites.

*Source: https://trends.builtwith.com

7 – WordPress is mobile responsive.

Having a mobile responsive website or blog is vital to your success. The majority of people access the internet through a mobile phone or tablet, not a laptop, especially during the day. If your website is NOT mobile responsive, many of those potential readers or customers are going to click on and then click right off again. They’ll be on the hunt for a website that is mobile responsive and doesn’t require moving/pinching to fit the screen.

8 – WordPress offers 15 years of experience and knowledge.

And, therefore, will have already ironed out many of the teething issues that could come with a new management system. You don’t make it to over a decade in the business without coming across a few problems. Those problems will have been diagnosed and fixed, with and by developers that work throughout the day and night to keep the platform on top form.

Having 15 years of web presence under its belt also means that you are bound to find someone that has encountered any potential WP-related problems, and has more than likely discussed it — and the solution to it — on a related forum. There is virtually no problem unsolvable. There are entire websites dedicated to providing solutions to various WP issues.

9 – WordPress was created for “normal” people, not just developers or professionals.

One of the best things about using WordPress for business is it was designed for the “average”, non-tech-savvy person. It wasn’t designed for developers or those with complex coding knowledge. Someone with no previous website experience can start up a blog and become a relative WordPress Pro in no time, as shown by the “Best CMS for Personal Websites” award. This was given to WP back in 2015, by the CMS Critic Awards.

10 – WordPress can handle whatever media you have to throw at it.

Although known as a blogging platform, WordPress is capable of hosting images and illustrations, as well as video and audio content. You can easily embed YouTube videos into a page or post. This makes it great for a wide number of website types, whether it’s a review site, a blog, a portfolio of work or an online shop.

Just “handling” these other media formats isn’t enough, though. The content management system offers more than that. You are almost ‘prompted’ through the various stages of SEO, without additional plugins, with easy-labelled spaces for alt-tags, descriptions, captions, and minor cropping.

11 – WordPress offers safety and security to your visitors.

Regular WP updates ensure that your site is safe and secure. There are also various additional functions and tools that you can add to increase that security. These range from paid packages offered by your hosting company, to free plugins downloaded directly from WP. The basic/free standard offered is already high, but with WordPress, there is plenty of room to add and improve depending on your needs.


If you think this might be the website-building-start you’re looking for, get in touch today to find out how easy it is to finally achieve that dream of owning and running your own website. At Pixel Perfect Web Design, we’ll show you how to create, customise, and maintain it, and we’ll be there for “accidents”.

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